Parallels & BackupAgent

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If you are running Parallels® Automation (POA/PBA) or Parallels Business Automation Standard, BackupAgent has off- the-shelf integration packages available. Integrations are available if you use your own Cloud or BackupAgent Cloud.

The products automate the offering of multiple services within one environment and offer the possibility to resell the services private labeled to resellers, VARs en SIs.

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Parallels® Automation (POA/PBA)

Parallels Business Automation Standard


Parallels and our customers opinions about the BackupAgent integration with Parallels.

“BackupAgent’s experience in building APS packages that optimize the integration for Parallels Service Providers will allow these Service Providers to accelerate their time to revenue in this fast growing segment of the market.”
- John Zanni, VP Marketing and Alliances for Parallels.

“BackupAgent is a great addition to our portfolio and the service can be deployed to our customers instantly. We have been able to generate additional revenue by reselling BackupAgent through Parallels® Automation.”
- Julian Dyer, CTO for Cobweb.

“BackupAgent seamlessly integrates with our Parallels® Automation platform, which delivers a highly efficient solution and hassle free setup option to our customers. The option to offer trial-period on BackupAgent products and easily convert test-accounts into full-fledged customers has been impressive hand has helped us grow our business”
- Ole Widahl, Director, Product and Solutions for TDC Hosting.

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