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Your platform; yes we care!

Upgrading software is not a difficult task. Nowadays most of it is done automatically through a single press of the update button. An upgrade of a server environment or one that affects a lot of users, asks for planning a maintenance window. Also  more preliminary actions such as making a backup of said software should be taken, but it basically comes down to the same press of a button. This also applies to updating your BackupAgent Cloud Backup Platform.

An interesting video!

At the recent Parallels Summit 2010 WHIR TV interviewed my colleague Roland Sars. Together with Nick Lallas of Parallels he explained why the combination Parallels Automation and BackupAgent is so powerful for service providers and hosters. It’s an interesting video covering some company background and the vision on the service provider and hosting market. The video (posted below) is less than 5 minutes long, enjoy!