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The list gets longer; we now integrate with HostBill

Today we announce the availability of a new integration module. BackupAgent partners who use HostBill for billing and provisioning can now download the module in our partner portal. The module allows you to easily connect your existing customers to your online backup service; creating a super easy upsell service!

Here’s how to add the app (after installing the bits on your HostBill server):

ExtendASP updates BackupAgent integration

ExtendASP has updated their integration module for BackupAgent as part of release 5.1. ExtendASP rewrote the integration from scratch as this was required since it no longer uses HMC as a core provisioning engine. The new integration module no longer uses BackupAgent’s Active Directory engine for authentication. Instead it uses BackupAgent’s native API and provisioning functions.

Seamless and easy provisioning

ExtendASP customers can provision BackupAgent’s cloud backup services as easily as any other product by activating the module in the control panel :

BackupAgent integrates with Citrix CPSM v10

Citrix logo

BackupAgent has released a service manager for Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager 10.0 (CPSM). CPSM is the successor of EMS Cortex’ control panel, which Citrix acquired last year. As part of this BackupAgent is now Citrix Ready Partner in the Citrix Ready program.

Effectively, the new BackupAgent service manager is a port from the BackupAgent provisioning features of Cortex v9.2 to the new Citrix-branded.

We just became a little bit more flexible

Today we officially released version 4.2.1 of the BackupAgent server software to our partners. Last week we already announced the release and also upgraded our own cloud to this new version.

The main new feature of this new release is the unlimited multi-tenancy and branding capability, which also enables BackupAgent to offer new services

WHMCS module; automation is everything

Connecting WHMCS with BackupAgent

Just like more and more service providers, we are convinced that automating provisioning and billing processes is crucial when offering a broad portfolio of services to a growing customer base. Control panels form the solid backbone of a contemporary hosting service provider. Therefore we started early on with creating off the shelf integration modules for common panels. Partners could already enjoy seamless integration with e.g.

New version of APS Package available

BackupAgent integration

BackupAgent has released a new version of the APS package – version 1.1-4 - for provisioning services in Parallels Automation or other systems that can provision services from

This new version has a different way for providing storage to a customer and service users. This improvement was based on feedback from Parallels partners who are using our previous package (1.0) and were struggling with a correct way for upgrading storage of accounts.

NOTE: The new package requires BackupAgent Server v4.1.6 or higher.