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BackupAgent now integrates with Parallels Business Automation Standard

Recently we’ve added another Parallels product to our portfolio of standard billing and provisioning products for hosters and service providers to bill and provision BackupAgent online backup services to customers. In the following screenshot you can get an impression of how this works in PBA-S:

The screenshot shows an example as configured by one of our Polish business partners. It demonstrates the ability to create price plans for online backup services. During the last Parallels EMEA roadshow we learned that Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBA-S) is a popular software platform for hosting companies around the globe for provisioning web hosting services. Some of our business partners already built home-grown integrations with PBA-S and we decided to standardize and support this, so we can make it easier for more hosting companies to add online backup services to their portfolio. This integration is another example of BackupAgent’ successful partnership with Parallels. We will be presenting more details at the Parallels Summit in Orlando, next week: http://www.parallels.com/summit/global/agenda/. Also, if you want to obtain are more detailed specification of this integration module, please contact your partner account manager for the full manual.

Robbert van Geldrop

My name is Robbert van Geldrop and I am CTO of BackupAgent. As CTO I set out our product strategy, evaluate new technological trends and collaborate with our current and future partners. On a daily basis I support our commercial staff in discussions with customers and prospects.

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