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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 10:36am

Apart from being a marketing man, I am also a quite fanatic webdeveloper. For developing the logic for websites and other online tools I have a big preference for the scripting language PHP. It is fairly easy and fast way to build average functionality. As a PHP developer is soon learned the ease of using MySQL databases to store and retrieve my data since PHP has a lot of standard functions to communicate with MySQL.

What really made my day was when the guys from development told me that they were planning on releasing a backup possibility in the client software for MySQL databases. It was always a great hassle to secure my databases; manually logging into phpMyAdmin, go to the export screen, selecting tables, defining export options, etc. Doing this once is not such a big deal, but doing this on a daily basis makes it really annoying! Moreover, this way of backing up is neither differential nor incremental. Since I already use the BackupAgent client software, this was a real cool and useful addition!

MySQL backup plugin activated

In the meantime, the new client software is released and I performed my first backups of the MySQL databases. And the first results are promising! Of course, I have tried the most important part of the functionality: the restore. All went really smooth.

Selecting MySQL databases and tables for Backup

Thanks partners for this feature request, and thanks development for this successful execution!

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